Service Learning

At GJHS, we believe that every student should dedicate some quality time to serving other students or members of the Grand Junction community. Although not a requirement, we encourage students to get their hours if it works with their schedule.

Millenium Club!

Students can receive a purple cord to wear at graduation in acknowledgement of their achievements and contribution to the community.
Students need to get 100 hours + graduation year hours (2022 = 22 additional hours) + submit a reflection paper.

The focus of Service Learning is to recognize and promote the value of serving other students or our community. It also enables students to learn through experiences in and outside of the classroom.
For more information please visit the Counseling Office or call 970-254-6900 x2.

Service Learning vs. Community Service:
Service Learning differs from community service in that service learning implies "learning" takes place. Raking leaves may be of service to someone or even the community, however have you learned anything? Working at a community agency (for example), where you come face to face with the people of Western Colorado who are in need, may teach you that even a little effort can make a huge difference in the quality of life for the people of our community. One of our society's principal reasons for not taking an active role to improve it is that feeling that "I alone cannot make a difference".