Election Day Resources

2018 Ballot
(The Short, Sweet Version!)
  2018 Ballot
(The Grown Up Version!)

Voter Resources

Ballot Information Book (Blue Book)
"The purpose...is to provide voters with the text, title and a fair and impartial analysis of each initiated or referred constitutional amendment, law, or question on the ballot."

Election Central: An Educational Guide to the US Elections

League of Women Voters
(Educating Voters, Election Rights, etc.)

Teacher Resources

Teaching Tolerance:

Voting and Elections--Resources for a Civil Classroom

Find Resources for All Aspects of Democracy Education Here, Including:
-Voting in Your Town
-Rock the Vote
-The Young and the Registered
-Rock the Vote's Democracy Class

And More!

Will you be 18 by November 6, 2018?
If YES--Register to VOTE!

Complete Online Voter Registration Here!
You can register to vote online if you have a valid Colorado driver's license or state issued identification card.

Don't have a Colorado ID or Driver's License yet?  Download and Print Your Voter Registration Paperwork Here, and mail it in!
Mail your paperwork to:
Sheila Reiner 200 S. Spruce St. Grand Junction 81501 P.O. Box 20000 Grand Junction 81502-5001 (970) 244-1662 Fax: (970) 255-5039 voter.info@mesacounty.us

In Colorado, you may register to vote up until Election Day. But if you wait that long, register in person at the County Clerk's Office!