Graduation Requirements

All Students: 
In order to graduate from Grand Junction High School, all students are required to complete 30 hours of Service Learning and complete a reflection paper. Here's a more detailed explanation: 

Service Learning Hours: 
Service Learning differs from community service in that service learning implies "learning" takes place. Raking leaves may be of service to someone or even the community, however have you learned anything? Working at a community agency (for example), where you come face to face with the people of Western Colorado who are in need, may teach you that even a little effort can make a huge difference in the quality of life for the people of our community. One of our society's principal reasons for not taking an active role to improve it is that feeling that "I alone cannot make a difference". This is why Grand Junction High School requires Service Learning and not community service as a requirement for graduation. 

Reflection Paper: 
This paper should be typed, double-spaced, a maximum of 14 font, and no less than one page. The paper should express how your service to your community has impacted you. I don't so much want to know what you did as much as I want to know if what you did has shown you that you matter to this community. This paper is intended to make you reflect upon your experience. It will not be graded for grammar, etc., but I do expect an honest reflection on your experience.