Contact Information

For further information about the GJHS Service Learning Program:

Contact the Counseling Office at 970-254-6900 x2

Or email your counselor:

Serenity Santistevan
Last Names A-Cl
[email protected]
970-254-6900 ext 24109

Stacey Keever
Last names Cm-Go
[email protected]
970-254-6900  ext 24104

Alicia Hampton
Last Names Gp-K 
[email protected]
970-254-6900 ext 24142

Chris Mack
Last Names L-N
[email protected]
970-254-6900 ext 24127

Lori Plantiko
Last Names O-Sh
[email protected]
970-254-6900 ext 24121

Nicole Hillegas
Last Names Si-Z
[email protected]
970-254-6900 24111