Community Opportunities


Animal Control Therapy; 
Cassandra 242-4646 

Desert Edge Therapy;
Kim Haas 242-1370 

Humane Society 
Mary 434-7337

CLAWS - (Cat League and Assistance of the Western slope)

Val Mazrin 241-3793 


Dinosaur Valley
Kay Fiegel 242-0971


Muscular Dystrophy Association

Terri Hasetedt 241-2181

Tamarisk Coalition

Meredith Swett 256-7400

Rocky Mtn. PBS

Penny Mitchell 255-2901

American Cancer Society

Judy Morehouse 242-2496

Friends of Colorado State Parks

Nori Pearce 309-3402 

Visitors & Convention Bureau
Vivan 244-1480 

The Tree House

Terri Clements 241-8001

Marillac Clinica
Leann McAda 244-1957 


Hospice - Cathy 
DiPaloa 263-2193 

After School Programs
Linda Munfrada 245-4931 

Columbine/Lincoln Park Elem. 
Cindy 245-2836 

East Middle School
Terri Mandell 242-0512 

Columbine Elementary After School Programs 
Don Krespin 243-5340

Mesa County Library

Grand Junction, CO 81502

Phone: (970) 243-4783 



970-244-3000 or e-mail [email protected]

Botanical Gardens

Energy Office
Dan Whale 241-1762 

Grand Valley Audubon
Susan Rittenhouse 245-7607 

Oasis Environment 
Patrick 241-1762 


American Red Cross

Catholic Outreach (Soup Kitchen); 
Sister Karen 241-3658 

Center for Independence 
Barbara 241-0315 

1st Baptist Church 
Jim Witt 242-2657 


Dianne 243-8800 

Girls on the Run 
Jill Henwood 257-0761 

Grand Junction Care Center; 
Shirley Koch 243-3381 

Gary Gourmet 
Susan Capps 243-9844 

Habitat for Humanity

address:225 North 5th Street Grand Junction, CO 81501

phone:970-255-9850 fax:970-241-0311

website:Habitat for Humanity

email:[email protected]

Hilltop Latimer House 
Lori Irvin 241-0324 

IHS of Mesa Manor 
Angelina Moseman 243-7211 

Mesa County Health Department; 
Larry Chynoweth 241-6971 

Mesa County Supplemental

MaryAnn Garcia 241-0388 

Mesa Developmental Services 
Adrian 243-3702 

Mesa Manor; 
Angela Moseman 243-7211 

Museum of Western Colorado
Kat Segal 434-9814 

Colorado Riverfront Commission


Salvation Army 
Toby Axolson 242-7513 

St. Mary’s Volunteer Center 
Jeanie Morris 244-2012 

United Way; 
Bill Sightler 243-9877 

Volunteer Central; 
Paula Anderson 257-0538 

WC Center of Arts; 
Gayla Tippet-Auten 243-7337 


Counseling Education Center 
MaryAnn Cooper 243-9539 

Family Health West; 
Dianne Sorenson 858-2103 


Blossom View Assisted Living; 
Kris 434-6707 

Grand Junction Care Center; 
Susan Martin 243-3381 

Grand Villa; 
Carolyn Gerhard 241-9706 

Heritage Senior Homes 
Judy Chase or Mona 257-1232 

Larchwood Inns; Michelle 245-0022 

Peach Tree Adult Care; 
Ron & Chandra 434-7062 

Retired & Senior Volunteers 
Gloria Chavez 858-2178 


Diane Sorenson 858-2103 

School District 51 ESL Office; 
Gloria 254-5335