Seniors Pics & Baby Tributes

Senior Yearbook Information  

2021 Yearbook Student Pictures
At the beginning of the school year, all students, staff and faculty are required to have their pictures taken at school.  Seniors are required to bring their own photo if they do not want the school photo to be used.  Be aware that student pictures happen early in the year, so keep these dates in mind! 


2021 SENIOR PHOTOS:  Yep, that's right; you’re a senior! You have two ways to get your senior picture in the yearbook, all without charge to you:

  1.  Have a photographer, friend, or family member take your portrait and e-mail to  by Thursday, Oct 8, 2021. We know this is earlier than last year and have set the deadline early to anticipate any COVID-related school closures or student absences. If you are unable to submit by this date, just contact to let the adviser know. We can accept photos as late as Nov. 15.

    Remember, student pictures in the yearbook are in a standard portrait orientation.  Landscape oriented photos will be cropped to fit.

    Please DO NOT drop off hard copies of photos. Due to COVID, we are minimizing materials coming into the school that will be handled by multiple people. 
  2.  Get a photo taken by LifeTouch on school picture day and we will use that photo if no others are available.

When submitting your senior picture via e-mail, please specify the student’s name and include your senior quote in the same e-mail with the photo.  Digital copies should not be compressed “preview’ versions. 


2021 Senior Quotes:  The yearbook will include a senior quote with each senior picture.  E-mail your quote with your senior photo to, and be sure to include your full name in the mail.  Your quote can be up to 30 words, including the author (no more). Include author’s name with quote. 

If a quote is not included with your senior picture or if the quote is deemed inappropriate by the staff or adviser, 
the space will be left blank.  Please specify if you do not want a senior quote.  Quotes referencing specific minutes/seconds in a movie or TV show will not be used.


2021 Senior Remember When's:  Do you have old elementary or middle school photos of GJHS students?  We would love to include these in the yearbook as a gift to the senior class with the Remember When layout. Email those old photos to by Friday, November 20.  Label each photo with names.  If you do not know the names of every person in the photo, we cannot accept it because we must label the photos. 


2021 Senior Baby TributesParents! This is your year, too! Dig through all those old albums and find the perfect baby pictures of your proud senior.  These tributes are due by Feb. 11, 2021 and must be completed on your own @Jostens.   Baby tribute prices will go up as the year goes along, so get them in early.  A full list of sizes and price schedules is available on the Yearbook Baby Tributes Page. Please submit payment with the baby tributes; we cannot accept a tribute without payment.  You may pay in cash or check (make checks out to: Grand Junction High School Yearbook, and please write “Baby Tribute” in the subject line with the students name).


If you have any other questions about senior photos, quotes, remember when’s, or baby tributes, contact Megan Fromm and David Bennett, yearbook advisers, at


Tiger Yearbook looks forward to another year of celebrating seniors!