Visual Arts Content Standards

1.Students recognize and use the visual arts as a form of communication.

  • Teen Talk: Students will know that art is a universal language that surrounds all forms of communication to express a variety of viewpoints and ideas.
  • Examples in the classroom:
    • Students will interpret and distinguish meanings of images, themes, and ideas.
    • Students will study images, themes, and ideas to create personal works of art.
    • Students will evaluate and explain intended meanings of images, themes, and ideas.
  • Service Learning Activities:
    • Students will visit the Western Colorado Center for the Arts, and help the organization with exhibits and children's classes.
  • Careers for Exploration:
    • Artist, Photographer
  • Classroom Exploration:
    • Art, History

2.Students know and apply elements of art, de-sign, and sensory and expressive features of visual arts.

  • Teen Talk: Students will know what makes up art, including design, problem solving, and invention.
  • Examples in the Classroom:
    • Students will compare and contrast art pieces and develop and solve visual arts problems.
    • Students will create a new postage stamp idea using three-dimensional images, or two- dimensional surfaces.
  • Service Learning Activities:
    • Students will create artwork and give the pieces to hospitals and nursing homes.
  • Careers for Exploration:
    • Artist, Graphic Design
  • Classroom Exploration:
    • Art, Shop/Technology Class

3. Students know and apply visual arts materials, techniques and processes.

  • Teen Talk: Students will experience the use of materials, techniques, and technology, in combination with concepts of art.
  • Classroom examples:
    • Students will use and show skills with artistic materials, techniques, tools, and processes in creation of works of art.
  • Service Learning Activities:
    • Students will teach elementary students about art materials and processes of art. Careers for Exploration: Teacher, Art supplier
  • Classroom Exploration:
    • Art, Graphic design