About Us

The Grand Junction High School Band has been a staple of the community and state of Colorado for over 100 years. Since the bands beginnings in the early twentieth century, it has been representative of musical quality and personal excellence. The band continues to provide students with outstanding experiences that prepare them for the real world in a challenging and positive environment.

Many things have changed since the band began those many years ago. Today, the band program consists of the Tiger Pride Marching Band, three concerts bands and three jazz ensembles. There are over 200 students involved in these various high quality performance ensembles. Here are just some of the accomplishments of these various groups:

Tiger Pride Marching Band:

  • Selected to perform at the 2013 Orlando Magic Music Days
  • Selected to perform at the 2010 Alamo Bowl in San Antonio
  • Consistent CBA state marching band qualifier (quarter finalist and semi-finalist band-most improved band class 4A 2004)
  • Selected to perform as part of Disney Magic Music Days
  • Consistent outstanding inspection awards
  • Outstanding band in multiple parade performances
  • Selected to perform at multiple World Fairs
  • Participant in Portland Rose Festival Parade

Jazz Ensembles:

  • 2013 Outstanding 5A Jazz Ensemble at the Colorado West Music Festival
  • 2009 Outstanding 5A Jazz Ensemble at the Colorado West Music Festival
  • Recording artist with Aspen Leaf Recording
  • Consistent superior performances at various local and national festivals including Greeley Jazz Festival and Canon City Cherry Blossom Festival
  • Consistent "Outstanding Jazz Ensemble" at the Colorado West Invitational Music Festival
  • Outstanding Jazz Ensemble at Festivals of Music Competition, Anaheim, CA
  • Featured on KAFM "Live from the Radio Room"
  • Opening group in the 2006 and 2007 Wells Fargo Festival, Grand Junction

Concert Bands :

  • 2009 Outstanding 4A Symphonic Band
  • Wind Ensemble selected to participate in the CBA State Concert Band Festival six of the last eight years
  • Numerous "Outstanding Concert Band" awards at the Colorado West Invitational Music Festival
  • Awarded the William Revelli Concert Band award at the Festivals of Music Competition, Anaheim, CA
  • Consistent Superior and Excellent performances at local, state and national performances


In the history of the Grand Junction High School Band there have been a number of individuals who have served as Director of Bands.

Mr. Isaac A. Lavadie

Previous Directors:

Mr. Seth Wollam

Mrs. Genice Matzke

Mr. Tim Mullen

Ms. Kathy Joseph

2007 CBA Hall of Fame Inductee, District #51 Music Coordinator

Mr. Tom Irwin

Dr. Tim Mills

Former Superintendant of District 51

Mr. Ray Millholland

Mr. Steve Newton

Mr. Charlie Sheen-Interim director (deceased)

Mr. Marion Jacobs (deceased)

Former District #51 Music Coordinator

Mr. William "Billy" Gould (deceased)

Former Director of the USC Trojan Band

Frank Hall (deceased)

Mr. Audrie Stong (deceased)

*Leave of absence for military service 1942-1945

If you have any information regarding directors prior to 1941, please email current director of bands Isaac Lavadie at: Isaac.Lavadie@d51schools.org